Alicia’s Art

I have been carrying two curiosities with me for the past 2 dozen years or so. First, I have always wondered what would happen if the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in Stars Wars were carried into popular music and dance (I have recently seen that brilliant denouement at the Toronto Fringe Festival when the Gadfly …

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Quarterdeck Chronicles Adventures on Sailing Around the World

Imagine sailing around the World with routes in the Caribbean, across the Mediterranean, plus sailing in the pirate and typhoon infested waters of the sometimes infamous Straits of Malacca. An adventurous and sometimes very risky business. These are the tales that Campbellford residents Paul and Sandra Johnston experienced in their round-the world travels on the …

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Art Classes In Campbellford

Jeanette Campbell, an accomplished artist, is giving a series of  Art Classes in Campbellford. Jeanette at the recent Trent Hills Gallery Hop Jeanette studied at MacMaster University, Ontario College of Art and Banff School of Fine Art. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold across Canada, the USA, Britain, the Netherlands and Barbados. Jeanette works in …

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