Peterborough Astronomical Association – Observations

Summertime is great fun as the days get longer and better except for one group of observers – Astronomers. Already light pollution around the major cities and highways limit observations but add the summer glow and telescope observations become even more Deep Night oriented. So consider taking in on Saturday May 12th when the Peterborough Astronomical …

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Dundurn Castle

Hamilton Ontario has a mixed message on its natural environment. On one hand there is the exceptional beauty of the Niagara Escarpment with its ravines and bay meeting Lake Ontario versus the surge of industrial pollution from its steel mills, factories, and entwining highway commerce. Perhaps in compensation for this battle, the city of Hamilton …

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Northumberland Winter

All through December and the first half of January I was gearing up psychologically and physically to do battle with Winter. But Winter was feinting – some cool nights, and a little snow but then followed by those Glow in the Night and “it must be Global Warming” days of early January. In short it …

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