Trent Hills Gallery Hop Preview: Erwin Rummel

The Trent Hills Gallery Hop 2 has a number of returning artists including one favorite from last year, painter & sculptor Erwin Rummel at the Naked Elm Gallery. Erwin works in a number of media, but concentrates on painting. An artist with an interest in well-structured figurative or representational work, with emphasis on classical compositional rules, he evokes both realism and impressionism in his canvases.

Erwin also does studio painting — still life and figures — but prefers to set up his easel outdoors to capture the nuances of atmosphere and light. He likes to paint in bold fresh colors, inspired by the beauty around him: dramatic skyscapes, interesting coastal scenes, rocks and water, local scenes around the farm and the effects of human impact on our environment. Here is a sample of Erwin’s works.
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One can see the strong use of color and sculpted, impressionist textures in Erwin Rummel’s paintings. Truly a rich, new-rural country style.