Canada’s Beautiful Fall Colors

Fall colors have been very bountiful & beautiful but also very locally playful this year.
This year the sumac were were putting on the ritz in most areas of Eastern Ontario. However, even in Northumberland Hills the sumac colors were quite varied from valley to valley – ad of course predicting a peak is nigh impossible.

Also this year the sumac, maples, oaks and birch/poplar showed their best colors close to a common crescendo. The oaks again showed some striking colors while the maples were a bit subdued staying in the ochre to yellow/orange range with fewer touches of crimson. But both the birch/poplar and sumac more than made up for the shy maples with a spectacular array of splendid hues. The local poplar also have stayed resplendent deep into the Fall season.

Here is a sampler of Falls’s top 10 for 2014:
[wowslider id=”46″] The colors this fall were so bountiful, ye editor got lured into the Fall picture contest. One of the above top 10 Fall pictures was entered. Can you guess which one was submitted?? Also click on any picture above to go to more PicsofCanada coverage of the fine Fall Colors over the past 5 years.