4th Line Theater in Millbrook at Winslow Farm

4th Line Theater is truly rural-based live theater smack dab in the Northwest Quadrant of Northumberland County in Eastern Ontario. The playhouse is below Peterborough above Cobourg and Port Hope, East of Port Perry and West of Sterling. But unlike theaters in these communities, 4th Line is truly outdoor rural much like Stratford’s Shakespeare Festival  in its …

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Quarterdeck Chronicles Adventures on Sailing Around the World

Imagine sailing around the World with routes in the Caribbean, across the Mediterranean, plus sailing in the pirate and typhoon infested waters of the sometimes infamous Straits of Malacca. An adventurous and sometimes very risky business. These are the tales that Campbellford residents Paul and Sandra Johnston experienced in their round-the world travels on the …

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A Very Good Art Show in Warkworth

This year’s Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival and its Art Show was especially good with some very good works of art on display. Here is a quick sampler: Marc Gagnon’s Abstract on display In short, the patrons of the Maple Syrup Festival had a very good Art Show for viewing this Spring.

Flavia de Luce Mysteries

Flavia de Luce Mysteries are a truly precocious mystery series  brew. Part  Nancy Drew, part Hardy Boys but distinctly Flavia. She  is  11  going on 12 and not just fascinated with but also mastering  all things  chemical, poisonous, and deadly. Aiding and abetting these interests are her Uncle Tarquand’s vast and well stocked chemistry lab of …

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WingField on Ice

WingField on Ice is a play  and audiobook about Walt Wingfield, an early retiree Toronto Bay Street broker who buys a farm in Peresphone County Ontario. Okay it is a oneman play with Rod Beattie bringing to life all of the  various eccentric characters of said county as peopled by playwright Dan Needles.   It …

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