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I have been carrying two curiosities with me for the past 2 dozen years or so. First, I have always wondered what would happen if the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in Stars Wars were carried into popular music and dance (I have recently seen that brilliant denouement at the Toronto Fringe Festival when the Gadfly Dance Company presented Unbearable Prospect). Second I have wondered what would happen if some artist pushed and refined Group of Seven Painter Lawren Harris’ later abstract visions of the Canadian Landscape – and I have now seen that as well in my niece’s recent art. It is the latter subject that I treat here.

Alicia works in a variety of media including sculpture, etchings, and marker art.

But of late she has been painting in a style that reflects and reminds one of Lawren Harris during his more lean and abstract period. I have always wondered what would happen if someone took up the Harris ideas.

And one can see some of the resemblance to Harris and the Group of Seven works above. But quickly one can see a distinctive subject and style as Alicia explores the impress of the landscape on various moments  and explorations.
This Italian Cliff has the look of a Christian flock on vigil or pilgrimage. As well there is motif of  traveling lines and points of view that that suggest a quest or theme running through – a travel to be taken as it recurs in several paintings .

But of late the style has become more reflective, the shapes rounded rather than broken shards of landscapery:
Its as if Terra Firma  was now more pliable and accomodating.

And of course that can only lead to reflections.
If you would like to see more of Alicia’s art and how it has satisfied my cravings for landscape styled into a mind space – visit Alicia’s gallery here.

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