Lang Pioneer Artistry:Tinsmith Works

Lang Festival Surprises

Each of the Lang Pioneer Village  Special Festivals has a surprise event or staging that catches your attention. The October Halloween Fest had the many Djackos and the haunted Apple Cider Barn. The Apple Cider Fest has all the fun and games at the South Lake School House. And Christmas by Candlelight had the Spoon Tappers which can be seen here on You Tube. .

But for this photographer the hit for 2013 was the  Tincraft showing at the Christmas by Candelight show.

The tincrafting is simply  effective, especially in the candle lights of the festival. As the slideshow demonstrates there is a fascination to be found in the craftings.
[wowslider id=”14″] The Tinsmith works shone with pictorial delights. Simple patterns of light and dark danced with possibilities and made for  enchanted photo taking. Tinsmith extraordinaire exhibitor, Harrison Perkins, has already been honored for his outstanding work at Lang. See his active portfolio of work in the Peterborough area.