Canada Wins at the Winter Olympics

wolyThis Winter with all the snow and bitter cold Canadians might say  they deserve to do well at the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. And the Dutch firm of Infostrada agrees with that sentiment as they forecast Canada will collect 33 medals  for 3rd overall.In effect they agree with Canadian National Olympic Chairman Marcel Aubutwho predicts that Canada will do very well in winning medals at the Winter Olympics.

Infostrada’s medal predictions are highly regarded after their very accurate predictions for the Olympic medal outcomes at the London Summer Olympics. They are also in the same ballpark as the Sports Illustrated and Associated Press medal predictions:

Associated Press Winter Olympics Medal Predictions
Ctry G S B Total-
NOR 17 8 10 35
US 11 10 12 33
CAN 11 13 9 33
RUS 10 14 6 30
GER 8 9 6 23
AUS 3 7 8 18
NED 6 4 4 14
SWE 3 4 5 12

What is so tantalizing about these numbers is that Canada is flirting with being at the Top of the Medals Total and /or beating the US in its medal haul. Very interesting.