Apple Cider Barn: Enchanted or Haunted?

Lang Pioneer Village has one of its houses that may be enchanted or haunted. It all started after this year’s Halloween Festivities at Lang. An anonymous source sent the following images “taken at the Lang Pioneer Village spook fest”. Now the pictures below purport to show some of the ghoulish roguery that took place at the Apple Cider Barn during the fest. Just take a look:
I must admit at first glance it does look like the gargoyle does get frenzied and all sort of cosmic energies seem to be unleashed. However, this party saw no such events at the  Lang Halloween fest although there was some haunted music emanating from the Apple Cider Barn.

Then a week  after the first images were received another [or the same?] anonymous source sent the following packet of photos with a note:

Of course I had a thousand questions – wouldn’t you? But the anonymous source has not come forward. So the question remains – is the ordinary, plebian Apple Cider Barn actually  enchanted or haunted? You can bet this party will be at Lang Pioneer Village next Halloween to find out more – maybe even meet the anonymous source.

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