Warkworth Fall Fair: Events Coverage

Fall Fairs occur throughout the Northumberland Hills as seen here; but each has its own flavor. The Warkworth Fair as seen on Pics of Canada has a distinctive mix of artistic flair, community activities, farm events and family fun. Here is what can be found on other Pics of Canada pages showing what happened at this years Warkworth Fall Fair.

Artistic Flair in the Arena

This year the the Fall fair had some outstanding artistic shows starting with the kids art:
Warkworth has invested time and effort in giving it kids a very positive exposure to the arts with its Artworth and other artistic efforts. And if you checkout this post you will see it is paying off.

Community Activities

Each Fall Fair in the area has a set of community activities that get feted with contests for the best of: home preserves, vegetable produce, flowers and their arrangements, photo-taking, needle & sewing craft, etc. This year, Warkworth’s knitters and sewers put on a winning show:
There were certainly a number of blue ribbon pieces to seen among the Warkworth crafters.

Farm Events

One of the Olympic evnets that is most interesting is power weight lifting. A friend and colleague is still a competitor. Weightlifting is a mind over matter contest of taut psychological  and physical dimensions. And if you went to the Warkworth Fall Fair equine power weight moving was on display in dramatic fashion with the Team Horse Pull Competition. Watch the video and see a team of horses pulling over twice their own weight 20 feet:
[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/UZp2ppuVu4A” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen] It is amazing to see the concentration and co-ordinatio of the horse teams – well worth viewing all the details.

Family Fun

There was lots of family fun to be found at the this year’s fair from the Farm Petting Zoo through the Midway Rides to the Celebrity Pig Races. But this reviewer’s personal favorite was the show the Hot Diggity Dogs put on at the fair:
[wowslider id=”40″] What was interesting to see was the funny combo discipline [or lack there of] ad atleticism of quite a range of dogs. Great fun!


Putting together a Fall Fair is an exercise in diplomacy, tact and entertainers sense. Congratulations to the Warkworth Fair organizers for putting on very good show.

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