Warkworth Fall Fair: Family Fun

Like all Fall Fairs, the Warkworth Fair caters to family fun. And there are a number of events that spelled fun and family in no small way. There is the talent show in the arena ad the Midway rides plus lots of munchies for the whole family. But three events seemed to pull in kids at heart of every age.

The Farm Animal Petting Zoo

Since Warkworth is plop in the middle of farm country one might expect an animal petting area to be like bringing coal to Newcastle. As the photos below confirm, not so:

All day long there was a steady stream of animal lovers, old and young alike, visiting the petting zoo. This photographer got some very fine candid pictures despite the darkness of the zoo barn. And as for the kids – lots of screams, giggles, and fun everywhere.

Celebrity Pig Races

Now this event was fraught with potential for stinky humor – and the MC did not disappoint. But this fair goer had trouble visualizing ¬†pigs racing. Dogs? yes. Horses? yes. Even rabbits, yes. But pigs, not so much – based on my Mom’s tales of the pigs wallowing in “the stew”. But the photos don’t lie:

The pigs actually raced, moving along at a tidy pace. In contrast, the ducks sort of waddled around the track. And the sheep .. the sheep had to be induced to take a walk around the track. As for the “celebrity” part of the pig races? Well lets just say that Rob “Hog” Ford was one of the porcine contenders.

Hot Diggity Dogs

Now this fair goer had the most fun watching the Hot Diggity Dogs. The Hot Diggity Dogs had put on a Frankford Ontario home show early in the Spring which was most entertaining. So when the “Hot Dogs” were announced as part of the Warkworth Fall Fair, this was an added reason to go to the show. And the group put on two very etertaining shows – at noon and then 2:30 in the afternoon:
[wowslider id=”40″] As you can see, the Hot Diggity Dogs put on 3 demos events. In the morning, as they get the dogs exercised and used to a new arena they play frisbee catch with several of the dogs. Then comes the flyball races where the dogs charge down a series of 4 low hurdle jumps, come to the flyball release where they pick up a ball, quickly reverse and charge back down over the 4 hurdles. The final event is is Leaping Hurdle where the dogs jump over an increasingly high hurdle or fence. Now being a fan of Horse Show Jumping as seen on TV at Spruce Meadows in Alberta and in the Olympics, there is a certain affinity and comparable athletic elegance. However, as can be seen in the video, each dog has his own temperament and puts on their own show:
[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/7-JdGtS1iP8″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen] Suffice it to say that the Hot Diggity Dogs put on a most pleasing show.

Given the quantity and quality of Family Fun to be found at the Warkworth Fall Fair – congratulations are due to the organizers.

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