Warkworth Fall Fair: In the Arena

The fun part of a Fall Fair are the events in the community center or arena. These events are really  folks fun at Summer’s end. A chance to see who did what in the vegetable patch or flower garden. Find out how  the kids are doing mixed in with a little home preserves or  knitting & sewing,  vegetable growing or flower gardening  comparisons. Yes, it is a touch of mini local bragging rights up for grabs.

Here are the veggies. Ye editor would have to plead ‘no contest’ to neighbors Mary, Franz, and Wendy.

Again, ye Editor pleads no contest. Even Arctic Bob’s blooming florals would put this writer out to pasture. Noetheless, the late summer flowers and their arrangements  were a quiet delight at the Fair.

Yet ye editor missed a big chance – having produced mango peach, blueberry raspberry & rhubarb cherry preserves this year. However, the competition as you can see above was formidable in the Home Preserves – so no prize winning guarantee here.

What caught this sweet tooth’s attention was the candy offerings. Anyone looking forward to honey or fudge and maple syrup candies and toffees  was to find slim pickings. But sugar candies and sweet drops were deliciously available and at a honey of a price. But the sweet treat that caught this fair goers eye were the dolls [see above] made of pastry and sugary icing. Such a sweetmeat indeed.

But like the kids art at the Warkworth Fair, there was some excellent craft work on show in the Arena. And none more so then among the knitters and quilters which my Aunt Chocha, whose knitting and sewing craft still have pride of place and bed warming domestic honors – these Warkworth works would be accorded  not a little commentary and admiration:
[wowslider id=”35″] These home crafts showed depth of feeling plus clever graphic design. So the Warkworth Fall Fair had many prize ribbons to be found all over the Arena. But to this observer, the knitting and quilting crafts were particularly pleasing.