Presqu’ile Park Birds and Migrations Weekend

For Labor Day weekend Presqu’ile Park had a Birds and Butterfly Migration event. The park has an Info Center and provides lecture tours throughout the summer. But as Fall is coming on and Monarch butterflies and a variety of bird prepare for their log migration South, Presqu’ile is the ideal waystation for the big migration. The peninsula’s forests, marshes, and swamps provide feeding and protection from many predators. Here is an overview of what was to be seen:
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What is delightful about the Park is not only the Info Center and lectures but also the camping facilities with bike riding lanes on the roads and trails throughout the many woods. In the Fall, the park will be a mecca not to be missed  for the many maples, ashes, beech, and oak mixed in with pines and spruces to make for a color panorama Рespecially in the many forest glades.

Right now there are fine summer flora to be seen:

But the big news is the strong South-to-North headwinds of the past few days. Big thunderstorms have been rumbling through on the New York side of Lake Ontario. The resulting strong winds have put a delay to the bird and butterfly migrations. Our tour guide say that most of the birds are hidden in the forest trees or out on Gull and High Bluff Islands. Here is the steady winds the migrators face:

So the Monarch butterflies, already thinned by two troubled migration seasons join the birds in waiting for better weather. Nonetheless the Park’s Info Center has all the info on the Monarch butterflies heroic migration to Mexico and the perils of their life cycle. Tagging the butterflies here helps to track the success of their migrations south. See here for Monarch info.

Once again Presqu’ile Park provides a good time for visitors. Despite the delayed migration by both birds and butterflies, the guided tours are so informative and the landscape so diverse, there is plenty to see and do at Presqu’ile Park.

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