Free Tutorials on Web Design & Website Makeovers

Continuing our series of free tutorials at the Quinte West Library, this Fall there will be be two more. The emphasis in these tutorials are a solid overview of the topics followed by an optional, but intensive hands-on demo and  training experiences.

Web Design Basics

This free lecture is designed to help attendees design for their Web Presence. You don’t necessarily need a website but rather you should have a clear idea of what messages you want to convey to your clients and customers. Next you should identify where your customers are and how to reach them. This will then inform the decision on what type of Web presence you will want to use. For example for artists and designers, use of Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, and/or Tumblr may be as effective as having your own website.

As your activities expand, a website will present opportunities to sell directly or provide services not available through the presence websites. Regardless of which approach you choose, top notch media in the form of good stories, compelling images and videos will help make your brand unique and attractive. Finally, the cost in time and dollars for a website even with mobile-ready responsiveness has become less dear in the past 3 years – they are easier to create and maintain. This tutorial will have a hands-on component in which attendees will be shown how to create a Web Presence on say Facebook or Pinterest but also include a new or remodeled website as needed.

Website Makeovers
​This tutorial is all about action. You know that you want to be on the Web or are already there. Now the task is how to reach your clients most effectively. The methods we will propose involve creating websites that are mobile phone ready but also work well on the desktop. Through the use of landing pages [or visual sitemaps] and active sliders, we intend to make your website more attractive and easier to navigate. Your clients/customers will have the equivalent of supermarket fliers on where to go and get the info, products and/or services they came to your site for.


Here are two free tutorial sessions at the Quinte West Library on important aspects of Web Development.  more important the atmosphere is fun and informative with live demos used to explore options ad opportunities – ad their are many in Web development now. The analysis and recommendations will always be followed by hands-on demos. If you bring design ideas and media like photos, story lines and/or video – the exercises will incorporate them into real designs and working websites. The idea will to be deliver working results for as many attendees as possible. Its Web DIY 101.

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