Gallery Hop Preview:Brookside Farm

The Trent Hills Gallery Hop to Brookside Farm features the photography of Brian Tyson and the Art by Antiques of Barbara Klatt. Brookside Farm is about 3 km  east of Hastings at 346 12 Concession Road and is both a studio and an active natural organic vegetable farm.

Brian Tyson

For 35 years Brian worked in the video world of movies. film and  television as a cameraman. That has served him well in his new profession of still photography. His photos are black and white primarily but also includes some outstanding color images as well. He also appears to be the photographer in chief for the organic produce of Brookside Farms.

Here are some of Brian’s black & white primarily photographs:
[masterslider id=”4″] Clearly there is a cinematic style to Brian’s images, as if they were set for the start of a movie scene. The architectural or geometric scope is also strong; but go to Brian’s website for a broader range of images to sample from. The black and white accentuates the forms and sets the mood.

Barbara Klatt

This reviewer has been an admirer of Barbara’s antique renewed art seen around Trent Hills because they have a wonderful sense of country charm and natural style. It reminds one of a well designed quilt or  a custom rural painting. And in the second case, many of Barbara’s antique works have just such paintings on doors, desks, and blanket boxes.

This collection has a refreshing spirit of refinement and renewal which suits well the environmental and organic natural farming of Brookside Farms.


So for this Gallery Hop don’t be surprised if you chat as much about organic gardening and the Fall colors which should be peaking as you do about black & white photography and methods of antique craftsmanship and finishing.

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