Fall Color Crescendo

Pics of Canada had all sorts of hints and notions as to what Fall colors would be like in Eastern Canada in 2011. But there was no real conviction except for some degree of colorful. The heavy rains and warm weather in August and September suggested a long  Autumn; however the colors could have turned out doleful- a sad intro  into the long  Canadian Winter. However, ye Editor is pleased to report that this Fall’s light and color show has been most intriguing.

The leaf gloss  has  been very sassy this year

Heavy rains and high winds brought out the early turncoats – brazen red ashes, yellow hickories, and light orange sumac . But the same weather also ripped the first round of color from the trees well before Thanksgiving day.  The second round saw the maples and elms do their spectacular Fall Moulin Jaune  et Rouge dance- and this time the leaves lasted a bit longer. But the big  surrpise were the oaks this year. Here is what most people expect from the oaks in the Fall:

The usual Oak = Drab leaves

But in fact the Oaks just took their time and produced some fancy colors this year. Perhaps because the acorns were not due until next year. Whatever the reason, Oaks put on a spectacular show:
Fall Oak Menu

The colors and their variations were quite novel for most Autumn time viewing of Oaks. Yet some trees having a virtual painters palette of vivid tinges and hues to choose from. In fact, the colors have been so compelling, ye Editor found himself working  double and triple overtime trying to match the  Nature’s imagination this Fall. Here are some attempts to capture the colored fun this Fall:
Piano  Etudes

Really small justice for a very fine Oak exhibition in Eastern Ontario.

But this was not all,  some of the aspen , maples, and  elders held onto their leaves, especially in the woods protected from the Winds – and so a bursts of beauty were to be found on hikes in the  Northumberland Hills. A  second posting will show some of these “late Fall bloomers”.

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