Falls Hints in Canada

Fall in Canada has distinctive colors as seeen here and just above. This year the the alternating very hot and then very wet weather adds new variables to the mixing that is the Canadian Fall color palette. So ye Editor has been out and about to see what is upcoming this Fall. Its two weeks more or less from the peak colors in Southern Ontario but already the morning frosts are causing the traditional turners to show their colors:

Sumac this year are scraggily in comparison to last year

It is likely due to the very  windy and wet weather for the past 6 weeks or so. Not global warming of course,as our Yankee and  Republican friends  can assure us since there is no climate change to be concerned about. However, the wind and rain have been vigorous in comparison to last year as seen here:
Last Year’s Sumac
Note last year’ Sumac  leafs were not so battered by high winds, rain and then early frosts like this year. Also, last year the Sumac did not turn until late into the season – when the Maples start to fade and the Oaks really begin to  show their colors. But the early turners – Ashes, Honey Locusts, and  Box Elders were true to their first  turncoat form as can be seen in the lineup below:

As the hillside shots reveals, the Birch, Maples, Oaks, and Poplars are only slightly  tinged with color. Well correction on that! For some reason a few of the Oak boughs have turned a light yellow – a rarity among oaks which tend to follow the dark orange-brown-to-crimson-ochre hues predominately. But the evidence of yellow and Oaks is here for all to see:
Oaks Color Camouflaged Like Maples

One can know for certain the July drought has had an effect on the trees in the Northumberland Hills, just check the needles on the pines along the same hillsides:
Yellow needles at the base of the boughs

So what palette will color the the Maple , Oak, Hickory, Birch, Poplar and even a stately Elm or two this Fall??
Fall’s Early Palette of Hues

Pics of Canada has conjured up from the first showing, a conjectured palette of  Fall’s Peak Primary Colors. Of course, this is a  color sampler from Eastern Ontario – and hardly would do for the Alberta Rockies or Quebec Townships. So readers will just have to take a peek at what is to offer in Canada’s colors this year.

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