Free Blogging Presentations

Free travel blog created at WordPress.comsee here.

You can have your own blog for free because …

Blogging has become free of development and runtimes costs

Discover how  on  Wedneday  nights at the Cobourg Library 2nd Flr group room.
The presentations start at 6:00PM and last for 45 minutes. After, there is a Q+A period that lasts  up to the Cobourg Library closing time at 8:00PM.

Bring a laptop and create your own blog during the presentation and Q&A for no cost.

Get your blog styled and ready to go for  your business, activity group, event … whatever.
Learn some useful techniques to get your blog promoted and visited more often.

Meetings are scheduled every Wednesday night  through October to the first week of December 2011.

Send  a message or query to  the presenter here.



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