Country Crafts: Windebank Outdoor Arts

On County road 29 just outside Warkworth on the way to Highway 30, there is an outdoor art and antiques farm of great delight – Windebank Outdoor Art. The following Rooster Sign chants out the outdoor art available:
Royal Rooster among the panoply of the day

Now these are outdoor signs and welcome art that fit on a mail box or over the entrance mantle. They emphatically say a country welcome as the following gallery of images show:

Click any image to see an enlargement

Ye Editor must admit that Ron Windebank had to come to the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival to catch my attention and trip off a stop by the farm place. ¬†And this after after driving on by on route 29 with Ron’s continuing farmhouse¬†artfest luring like Sirens countless times over the past 3 years. And the stop over turned out to be well worth while. Ron’s deft strokes, great sense of color and design make his outdoor art a pleasure to behold. But the farmhouse, 2 dogs [Whitey and Blacky], and many stories by Ron of his antiquing days make it a friendly stop by any Spring, Summer or Fall Day. The constantly changing mix of outdoor art. antiques and signs gives a feel for the place:
Click any image to see an enlargement

But the farm house and barn are filled with antiques and other goodies –

Click any image to see an enlargement

Lots to catch the eye yet lite on the pocket book [you will have to check for yourselves]. The art adds a country sunny spirit of good cheer to any house or home. Drop on by just about anytime – or give Ron a ring at 705-924-9611 just to be sure.

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