Country Crafts: Bird Houses

Bird houses would seem to be a natural – a place of refuge in Canada, especially for the smaller species that do not migrate South for the Winter. Or the bigger ones like Cardinals and some Jays.  But just over 50 species among more than 450 in Canada will consider using a bird house. And  many of those prefer bird feeder stations than bird houses. So it pays to know what species of birds frequent your space and what their inclination is to inhabit in a bird house. Fortunately, the following site,, provides an insight on what species of birds are likely “to move in” and what design will entice them to stay.

Also at the the Apple Blossom Tyme Festival, ye Editor met with a bird house creator that can fill you in on what bird houses work best with what species and has many delightful bird house designs to boot.
Now birds have better color vision than humans due to additional cone in their retinas; but their color priorities may be on the  camouflage side when it comes to a place of residence. Now as for mating time and color perception – this  is a whole new story.  But birds will cater to finer digs says Carroll Brooks whose bird houses delighted onlookers at the the Apple Blossom Fest.
The rake and slant of the roofs serve purpose – keeping rain and snow from accumulating on the nest. The bird hole is designed to be just large enough for the target species to fit through excluding predators. And the overall size of the birdhouse is designed to accomodate different numbers of  and size of dwellers.

But this observer could not help but enjoy the color and design of Carroll’s bird houses –
This hexagonal design has the look a of fine plush cottage that even would have ye Editor hopping in its direction as a place to visit for sure. If you want to buy a bird house, get in touch with Caroll Brooks at 905–355-2466 and she can surely help you.