Canada Day at Mill Creek

Canada Day has some consistent constants like fun, food, games and entertainment for the whole family. And Canada Day is different too as the local geology, flora and fauna. If you are at Mill Creek  on Canada Day you are also not far from the Woods that surround the town in this Esker sand mound valley where creeks converge before combining and heading Northeast out of Warkworth and towards meeting the Trent River on its way to Belleville and Quinte Bay and Lake Ontario.

The Greenery and Lace of the Woods in Town

The foliage in the woods is thick this year because Spring was damp and wet and the Summer rains have not relented yet either. So Mill Creek is high and wide and deep too.. great for fishing on the cool upper reaches of the creek.
Meanwhile the Catalpa bow right down to the edges of swollen Mill Creek like Indian worshipers on the edge of the Ganges. But our Municipal Firemen know how to take advantage of this high water mark to demonstrate how the pumpers are able to draw from the creek and spray water right back in for the edification of taxpayers and the fun of kids who get to man the hoses.
There is a lineup to man the hoses

And fire trucks are more of the fun – as a little one gets a hat and a achance to man the engine – harkening back exciting  memories from not a few years ago.
Picture yourself here.

There are iconic Canada Day images everywhere:
Canada Day all wrapped up

Marg Newman, director of the celebrations, always has nifty ideas like having kids of all ages icing the Canada Day Cupcakes with the national colors.
And they are delicious too!

And what are Canada Day Festivities without a few frankfurters, hotdogs,  and weiners?
Just waiting for a few well chosen garnishments

And locating Canada Day festivities at Centennial Park allows plenty of room for Canada Day Fun.
Don’t worry – the green will be filled with Fun and Games


Voila – here are kids of all ages  equal to the task:

And of course entertainment is not confined to the the little ones :

In sum,  Canada Day was a chance to relax with family and friends at the park on a Sunny Summer day – thank you Lord for all of the above and especially warm and  sunny.


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