Luminato: Car and Bike Nook

Harbourfront is chock full of all sorts of small shops and boutiques crammed with jewelry, exotic clothic, or just good eats. And Luminato adds to that a whole series of nooks and booths advertising all sorts of cosmetics, consumer and shopping goods. Think of Luminato as a outdoor magazine or fair selling eyeballs and impressions to a broad array of sponsors.
So without further to do, let me tell you about my favorite advertising nook. It was right next to The Power Plant Gallery and just in front of Neptune’s Cove where there were some great dance routines and companies – but that is another story. Parked out front were a VW and 3 or 4 motorbikes with some fabulous airbrush art work done by the Goodeve Studio.
Now personally, I had a preference for the work on the motorcycles; but Led Zeppelin and airbrush art fans would have to say the Volkswagen VW2 was splendidly rendered:
And I must admit I found myself returning time and again to take one more photo of a very fine detail on the Bug full of airbrush impressions. And I was not the only admirer, there was a steady stream of art and photo buffs stopping by and getting a picture or three. Here is my personal detail favorite:

But consider that I am a slightly unrepentant rebel – as I have a huge collection of pictures of Toronto Sprayed on Wall Art.

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