Peonies at Port Hope Library

The Port Hope Library is a gem in Eastern Ontario. On the shore of Lake Ontario about 150 kms up the 401 from Toronto, the Port Hope library is in the heart of town. It is a remodeled building keeping the interior and strong vestiges of its original structure. The library offers a full array of services including a regular series of readings, movies and other literary events all year long. And for the Internet users it has 7-8 terminals plus free Wifi service – so if you have a laptop you can connect directly to the Internet.

But this review is not about the Library itself, but the Flower Garden at the Port Hope Library. Port Hope and District Horticultural Society along with Municipality of Port Hope Parks, Recreation and Culture is responsible for the flower garden. I have great admiration for them. And the reason is simple, every late May early June, the Garden sprouts some of the loveliest Peony blooms that I have ever seen.

The varieties, colors and even time of blooming are all varied – and varied to maximize a Peony fancier’s eye. Take the Dancing Chartreuse Shades above – easily they could be imagined as ballerinas in a Baz Luhrman special.

And the ones below look like they were taken directly from his Moulin Rouge movie.

But color is not the only flower fancy to be shown. There are also wonderful rhythms of flowers in the winds coming in off the nearby Lake Ontario.

One can see country dancers responding to the callers tune below –

Or perhaps the dramatic end to a frantic Viennese Waltz –

Who is to tell? Maybe ask la Belle Dame sous-ici

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