Winter Sly Nipping

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This is evidence of a little Loki-like Winter Nipping in the midst of Spring. Actually, the cold walk from bedroom to bathroom was proof enough that turning off the furnace even in Southern Ontario, is not the best of Canadian ideas until you have reached the real Spring days of mid-May. And here is more proof.



The trees  are bud less. Not just in the valleys  & ravines but on every street.

The previous 3 weeks of icy snowstorms stripped all the buds from trees.

Despite no-buds, a search for blooms and other Spring colors commenced with a trek to the nearby park right by a school yard with its flower beds. But that was wishful thinking. Instead all one could find were more cunning vestiges of a winter lingering well beyond its welcome.

This  was a reminder of what happened in Toronto a weekend before  where a search for Spring Colors had to rely on street scenes and the botanical gardens. Ahh the true delight of Spring in Canada  has to be just the prospect of warmer weather.

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