Rogers WiFi in Toronto

This Internet user has more than enough problems with WiFi providers in Canada over the past 5-7 years. Add to the usual litany of Murphy’s Law downtimes, errors in billing and “ever so reachable and courteous” support services there has been more than my fair share of “promises, promises, promises” not kept. 10Mbs download and 2 Mbs upload – yeah sure, only close between  2AM -3AM in the morning; but half that or worse during prime time.

But miracles do occur. like the following:

Rogers promised 250Mbs download and delivered 325MBs in primetime

Now there is a trick needed to get this level of service which Rogers support provided rather promptly. Users must connect their PC to the installed router using an Ethernet cable. For 2 of my machines that is easily done but not the  super-thin laptop. But the results of going 75Mbs over the top rated download speed – priceless.

Note I expect this bubble will burst in time; and to an extent it has – 20Mbs upload is promised but 11Mbs is being delivered. But still seeing the,, and just snap up on my screen … such a pleasure.