Free Tutorial on Creating Your Own Web Presence

7 Free Tutorials at Bowmanville Library at 1PM Saturday March 15th on Creating a Web Presence: Basics of Web Programming


The first tutorial  is devoted to the Basics of Web Programming.

The idea is not necessarily to teach all the ins and outs of Web Development; but rather to give you an overview of the core programming languages that are used on most websites. Knowledge of these tools will help you understand how the powerful Web Design Tools which you will see and get to try out “do their thing”.

The key message is that there are 4 core languages [HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP] that are used on 95% of all websites. But that  Web design tools like Google Blogger, Webs Designer, Weebly Developer, and WordPress  use your drag and drop designs in their development environs to automatically generate the combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code needed to display  your Web Pages.

Operating these Web Design tools is as simple as writing an email or preparing a Word document. After the lecture, there will be a 1-2 hour free, optional session which will provide hands on experience creating or modifying a  website. The idea of the hands-on session is to get some real  Web experience and  problem solving done.


So come to the Bowmanville Branch of the Clarington Library on Saturday March 15th at 1PM for the first of 7 free Web tutorials.

Stay after the first hour tutorial for the free Q&A and the online exercises where attendees will be helped  in creating or modifying their own websites.  So bring your notebooks/laptops as the Library supplies free online WiFi connections if you plan to do the extra-time exercises.

This series of tutorials will continue once every  week on Saturdays at 1PM to the completion of the 7 tutorials.

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