Quinte West Library: Free Hands on Demo of Photo Editing

A free hands on demo at the Quinte West Library is out to get rid of Dirty Dog Images. Those are the photos that didn’t quite turn out as expected. Often today’s automated cameras are at fault – because they average their settings or don’t change fast enough as you change zoom or positioning for a series of action shots.

Yes, some of the blame for Dirty Dogs is human error – failure to change camera settings as conditions change. Or sacrificing precise camera settings when taking a spur of the moment opportunity shot.

Fortunately, many Dirty Dogs can be cleaned up using  any one of the many free photo editors both online in your Web browser or on your PC with free  and yet  very good software.

The demo will be hands on as much as possible. If you bring some of your own Dirty Dog photos we will show you how to fix them up. Best candidates are underexposed, too dark shots, images with a color shift, shots where the horizon line is off kilter and the most frequent problem – images needing cropping.

So  the Photo Editor Doctor is in  – learn how to avoid Dirty Dog photos with simple precautions. But then if you have some Dirty Dogs, we have ways to “fix’ them. Note the time and place:

Quinte West Library, Multi-Purpose Room Tuesday November 5th from 6:00 to 7:45PM

Note this presentation will also be available on the Web using Google+ Hangouts so tune in if you can’t make the live demo.

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