Northumberland Fall V – Cathedral Lane

On the way west out of Warkworth, County road 29 rises up to Oak Heights which provides panoramic views of the Northumberland Hills. But hidden along the way is a lane going south of the county highway, Johnston Road, that travels through some woods on the way to a name change, Smith Road, and then onto Red Cloud School Road.

But the treasure here is in the Fall when Johnston Road becomes Cathedral Lane:
Every Fall, atheist or not, one gets to go to church along Cathedral lane

This year, the high woods which have their own weather turned about a week later than the surrounding countryside. And the maples were more subdued but the beech and oaks made up for that. But walking along Cathedral  Lane one had the breezes and birds to chat with plus one and a thousand hues and delights.
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Now if it would just drizzle gently the Cathedral nave would become alive with color.

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