Campbellford Library Flower Gardens II

In the Spring Campbellford Public Library Flower Gardens were featured as one of the best in Northumberland county. But the true test of floral display is how you do in the Fall when the trees and shrubs are rivalling the flower garden for variety of color and form. So here is a look at theCampbellford Library Flower Garden in the Fall.

First, the library’s gardeners were out in a force of two, Jan and Mary, doing the fall clean up, pruning and planting. Second, the colors were mighty fin all around with Geraniums and Fetescue:
Dramatic coloring as the park across the street starts to take on its Maple induced color palette.

And all around hydrangeas and lazy susans were adding bursts of charming colors as the crew worked to clear away the excess and plant the over-winter bulbs. Here is a sampler of the florals.

As you can see from the photos it was bright sunny day. The Horticulture crew was steady at work despite the chill and finding that there were gaps in the garden:campneed
Now the Garden Gals suggested that 1-2 Annabelle Magnolia, Standard Hydrangea  or Explorer Rose would fill the gaps nicely. If you would  care to contribute to the finer finishing of a splendid flower garden please contact the Friends of the Campbellford Library.