Fishing Derby at Ryken Pond

festival events in canada
Every April you will see kids 14 and under fishing at Ryken’s Pond. This is the annual Fishing Derby done in co-operation with the Warkworth Community Services Committee. This year the event is on Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Take Morganston road to its junction with Jakobi road just 3km north of Castleton. The cost is $5 per child. Bait and refreshments are available on site.

Fishing Fun in Canada

The pond is stocked with trout and bass and the kids with parents learn the art of fishing. Who is teaching whom has over the years been subject to debate. There are prizes for the best catch of the day; but the biggest prize of all is time together with family and friends.

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