Sunday Outing With Donna Leon

Ye Editor was on the way home listening to Donna Leon’s mystery novel, About Face. The narrator, David Caliacci does such a good job I was almost looking for an opportunity to prolong the trip to 565 Red Cloud School Lane. And then the following two shots on either side of the road caught my attention:

Maple ships sailing over the snow crest in impetuous weather

And on the very opposite side of the road –

An image like the edge of the world commanded the horizon.

As it turns out theses were grabber photos and I had finished my weekend assignment the day before. So  searching through the personal satchel confirmed that a camera was available , fully loaded with juice and flash space – so you see the results of  3-4 quick shots. The rain/snow mix was starting to spit. But  the “end of the world” was in perfect sympathy with  Ms. Leon’s plot line. Guido Brunetti was trying to ferret out some information from an officer in the Carbinieri, the Italian equivalent of the FBI. The conversation was devishly delicious  as both sides sought to relinquish the least while maximizing the most – and the otherworldly mood was reflected in the outside scene – wonderful.

But  Guido was  interrupted  by two moochers who insisted on saying hello:

These two horses seemed to be able to smell apples and carrots from 100 paces

I don’t know how the horses do it – but they knew sure enough that I had some grocery shopping in the back. So I gave them a carrot each and peanuts for one and an apple for the other. But these two mooches would only stay around and chat if properly fed. Within a few minutes they were trotting away when the handouts stopped.

But  now the mission home was interrupted by the  chance to take a few more snaps. And just down the road I found the pines already bent over as the weather started to break with some sunshine in the West.

The Pines borrow the curvature of the hillsides as the winds freshen considerably

Of course the winds with the cloud and sun chnage – or is it the opposite? Northumberalnd county is eskers country where the runoff from the great glacial melt 10-12,000 years back left great sand mounds for scores of miles between Belleville West ot Oshawa and north beyond Peterborough and up to Bancroft. Of course some would argue that the Halliburton highland all the way to Kapuskasing is all part and parcel of the same big  meltdown.  Here is another view just up the road looking North.

The day shifted quickly again  as a fog of  mixed rain and snow swooped in from the North

Clearly the day  had caught the mood of Donna Leon’s mystery  – something was up in the air and it was not just in  Guido Brunetti’s Venice. And just a few klicks down the road it was to be found in an enchanted forest – tune in next week for more on this  wondrous  Warkworth outing.

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