2 Free Workshops:Creating Your Website for $0

Free Workshops at Cobourg   ON Library at 6:00PM

Monday January  24th : How to Build Your No Cost Website
Wednesday January 26th: Free Tools for a Pro-look to your Website

Build  your own Blog/Gallery/Website for $0 Out of Pocket Costs

Here is an example of free blog/website created and maintained at no out of pocket costs

Click on the image above to view the free website

Both workshops will be 45 minutes of notes and live examples then a 10 minute question and answer period. Then any attendees interested in creating their own free website will have an hour of guided instruction on how to do it. This will be an active workshop where participants who bring their laptops will be guided in building their   own free [or nearly so] Website and helped in adding photos and other media to their website.

Three major options will be covered:
1)Absolutely Free using Blog software like Blogger and WordPress.com
2)Semi free by adding paid-for features to your blog website – cost TBD by your desires.
3)$60-70/year Do-It-Youreself all the control you want and need website.
Emphasis will be put on the option that most attendees prefer.

It would be appreciated if attendees send a RSVP to this   email address . The workshop will be lead by the editor of   PixofCanada who has 20 years of writing, photography and web development   experience.  Your workshop leader’s portfolio of websites:
www.theOpenSourcery.com + WP blog for over 1000 Web development tips and tutorials.
www.thePhotoFinishes.com + WP blog for over 400 graphics design and photo editing   tips and tutorials.
www.pixoftoronto.com is a WP blog   devoted to the Toronto scene.
www.bookraft.com is a Drupal   blog about writing, books, and puzzles.
www.thinkraft.com is a Blogger blog devoted to ideas on decision making.

Remember to bring your own laptop and you will be able to create   your own blog/website live during the workshop.

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