Artists Scene in Canada: Todd Munro, Printmaker

As a printmaker, Todd Munro seems a bit obsessive about an obsessive subject – cars:

Todd Munro has an asymmetrical obsession with cars. There is a touch of wonder, a bit of whimsy and also the heated hues of antagonism. It is a divergent response with wire-wrapped, driverless cars that float and glide like fish in an space aquarium of aero vehicles. It is also an auto eerie world that suggests some car characteristics:
a)singular transport most of the time;
b)an anonymous mobile empowerment that almost floats in its own space;
c)the vehicle carries the emotions of its drivers.
This is a wonder full image surface to play with accentuating Todd’s nifty visions of the nature of car space. On his website, Todd suggests that his prints are creating the Lascaux Cave drawings of a modern motor era. It works well.

Todd is also the lead designer for a Website development service located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec – see his web work here.

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