Artists Scene in Canada: Helen Benninger, Quiltist Extraordinaire

Helen Benninger is a quilter and clothier of fabrulous proportions – no two words about it. Now ye Editor has a softspot for the art and symmetry of quiltmaking. Its as if one had to attempt to organize and hold in array all the possible hue curves and cusps of the caring heart. There is a sewing comfort – as any ill or transgression could be sewn up and healed while simple joy and admiration of the seamless curves of the caring would have its own just reward – a covering or jacket even Joseph could admire.

But Helen works in all areas of fabric – scarfs, throws, and a compelling array of wearable art .Here is a sample of Helen’s Wearable Art – such unique and wonderful gifts:

See more of Helen’s wearable art here and her full website and contact info here.

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