Port Hope Primps for Fanny on the Ganny

As promised in our previous posting, the weather was certainly warm for Fanny on the Ganny in Port Hope Ontario. Okay there was a cooling breeze. But the Ganny was well behaved compared to last year’s raging torrent and much cooler of flowtemperatures. So all the preening and primping by Port Hope’s shops was well worth the while because the Ganny was very crowded with Fanny fans.

First of all flowers were everywhere:

Every shop and store had flowers on display or for sale:

But I suspect that the flurry were as much a Rite of Canadian Spring – the first warm week in 3 months has to have every Canuck’s spirits flourishing. And the ample sunshine added a touch of bloom to the day that just had to be echoed in the streets. And so it was.

The shopkeepers had everything neat as a pin:

So street walking and Window shopping were a charm.

But Redpath had the sweetest confection of all:

An antique classic truck carrying sample cookies for free distribution among Fanny Goers. This was a popular spot along with the kids jumping gyms and the great bratwurst booths on the West shore side. In sum, Port Hope was more than prepared for its early Spring riverfest.

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