So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Normally I stay away from touting  TV  shows. And Lord knows CTV is doing everything heavy handed it can with its promotions and website coverage of So You Think You Can Dance Canada [hint you don’t have to cave to your sponsors every whim]. And the Lord and everybody else knows the judges on the US version of So You Think You Can Dance are SO BADLY OVER-THE-TOP that, despite very talented dancers, I have been unable to watch the program for more than 5 minutes [and I have tried over half a dozen times].Yet despite these downsides I watched So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s second season’s first performances show – the top 20 Dance Off. And here is a hint of why:The dancers are very, very good. Okay, there is great athleticism, but also top showmanship as well. And as last year, the choreography is also a pleasure to watch. The pro choreographers are certainly a)using the enormous talents they have on stage and b)are also using the So You Think … situation with a puckish wryness.So the dancers are outstanding. The choreographers are very very good. The judges are not way over the top … and the staging and commercialization by CTV? Well, not so good. But the first two are so good … I will endure the rest to see some fabulous dancing performances.

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