Toronto Public Library Gets It Wrong

Toronto Public Library – the main branch has finally caught up with the sticks … the smaller libraries in towns like Hastings, Warkworth, Campbellford, and Port Hope which have been offering free Wifi connections to the Internet for the past year or two.
Now as a TO tax paying beggar, I know I should not be looking at a gift horse in the mouth. But …..
The Toronto Public Library has managed to do WifI wrong … frustratingly wrong for its users.

The simple problem is that the TPL has the WiFi service interrupt you every half hour to remind you that the Library is graciously providing you with this service. Fine a bit of a nuisance – no harm done. I wish.

In fact the interruption is extremely disruptive, if you are in the midst of writing an email, buying a book, or doing a Google spreadsheet you are completely cutoff, disrupted – this reminder message of pro bono service is as good as pulling the plug on your computer – everything is lost. I know because the blog posting I was just working on is somewhere lost in the ether.

Now here is a hint to the TPL IT honchos. Take another look at the sticks. Those libraries have at most a welcome message – after that they leave users and our Wifi sessions completely alone.

It is a good policy.

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