Keith Cornell Painting Exhibit at Campbellford Library

Good things come in threes. And so not one but  two outstanding painting shows at the Campbellford Library, have found the missing third –  a fine painting exhibit by Keith Cornell from nearby Castleton. And all 3 shows well within a year while  drawing upon wealth of good artists in the Spirit of The Hills artisan group.

inter is this Painter’s Palette

From the title of the exhibit, “What A Winter!”, one knows where Keith is going. But the shimmering and wide palette of active colors are a surprise and good part of the delight in Keith’s paintings of the cool scenery to be found this last winter in the Northumberland Hills. Watch the richness of colors in the slide show below:
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All of the paintings are alive with active hues; but three standout. Cabin in Winter has Group of 7 boldness of both strokes and colors. In Winter Snow the foreground trees are silhouetted white lite against a line of firs bending with snow encolored while the sky is mauve,  orange and  threatening more snow. Even the farmhouse roof and foreground snow reflect the impending tinges. This is not a  small masterpiece of  color and mood  Finally, Winter Laneway has a more expected timbre with blue shadows in the laneway snow; but here the dancing strokes play another melody of  almost dancing tree forms.

Now your PicsofCanada webmaster has been taking photos of the winter scenery in the same Northumberland Hills for many a year and postings here ; but only with last Winter’s late Ice Blizzard did  I even dare to approximate the lively colors and strokes to be seen in Keith Cornell’s paintings:

As my Honorable Father once said, “a camera cannot see the color, forms and mood which an artist can and should bring to the foreground”. So go to the Campbellford library anytime in May/June up to July 10th, to see what and how ably Keith Cornell has brought out “What A Winter!” with subtle strokes, shimmering hues.

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