Cobourg Library Landscaped for Fall

This Fall has been spectacular for colors in SouthEastern Ontario. And the Cobourg Library, which is near Lake Ontario and its moderating temperatures, has certainly benefited. But also the Library’s Landscape architects must be credited as well because the Library’s grounds seem to be designed to take advantage of Fall Colors. Here is the walkway entrance from King Street:

Clearly the landscape designers for  the Cobourg library had gorgeous vistas in mind.

And you can see these vistas in the following slideshow:
[iframe src=”” width=”750″ height=”500″] Now  the rich autumn colors certainly aided and abetted the spectacular colror showing. The Maples kept their colors a)for a longer time than usual and b)had a wider pallette of pleasing hues this year. Go here to see the fullscreen slideshow.

The impression was so strong that one could not help see a chance  for creating some finer art:
[iframe src=”” width=”750″ height=”500″] Playing with Autumn’s Hues is great fun and relaxation. Go here for the full screen Art Gallery.

Now one must admit some of the images received some photo edit grooming
[iframe src=”” width=”750″ height=”500″] but really the colors and hues have done most of the work on their own. Go here to see the fullscreen slideshow.


I wish I could say that the colors are still up. But Sandy did her devestation to fall colors in SourthEastern Ontario – drenching rain and long shaking winds removed this colour spectacular in short order. So enjoy these images and photo moments in time.