Ganny Fanny 2011: Rapid Ends

This is the goal of every Ganny Fanny Cruiser – the Finish Bridge in downtown Port Hope.

The end of  Ganny Fannying changes from the very wet shallows of the Midway Fens
[wet because riders have to get out of their boats through some of the shallow channels] to the real chutes and falls of the lower end of the Ganaraska. Now lets be realistic, this is nothing like the falls and white water river rafting on the Ottawa or Gatineau  or any of the James Bay hotspots here in Eastern Canada. And the Ganny can’t hold a candle to some of  the spectacular White-River rafting adventures in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada. But if you have managed to stay dry through the Ganny cruise so far – here is your big chance to get all wet.

The pictures tell the story of what has to be cleared; however what is missing is that many of the spectators are armed with water balloons and water pistols. So there is an extra hazard as Ganny Fanniers make their way  under the cross bridge and to the course’s finish.

The last set of runs and rapids are like the Midway Fens, shallows and sandbars just tilted slightly down river with a few added Grenville Shale ledges and chutes. This type of river running puts precarious crazy craft vessels to the reality test – do they stay in one piece or do they splinter apart and dunk their riders in the drink? From the pictures above – you decide how the crazy crafts and their riders fared. Fortunately, for this Ganny Fanny Run the weather was warm so sloshing  the Ganny was just part of the cruise.

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