Port Hope Library : Prickly Librarians

Port Hope has a library with a range of good services but a bad case of prickly librarians. Perhaps it is because they cannot control the level of conversations. Perhaps it is a brittle composure and inconsistent sense of civility. Perhaps there are impending budget cuts.

But expect inconsistency on keeping conversations under control, use of cell phones [you will have to go outside even in the bitter cold of winter], and expect inconsistency even in help. Port Hope’s Library has become so mixed in its services. This is in contrast with so many other libraries in the   Northumberland area – Cobourg, Hastings, Warkworth, Campbellford and others. It is passingly strange – the library has so many books on Jane Austen and civility – but it is a role of the die if you can expect to find common   sense and sensibility there.