Wondrous Textiles Art Show

If you are driving on the 401 between Toronto and Kingston,   consider making a pit stop at the Wondrous Textiles Art Show at the Scotts Barn Cultural Center. This is a showing of Textile Art Works by a trio of artists – Susan MacDonald, Sheree Rasmussen and Judith Tinkl.

Each artist works in textiles,   a family favorite; but each in diverse ways captured well in the shows ad brochure. Some PixofCanada goers will remember Sheree Rasmussen’s wonderfully colorful dancing color applique’ quilts from our coverage of the Spirit of the Hills Art Show at the   Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival.

Check the color analysis found here of a superbly bountiful piece.

Susan MacDonald creates wearable art that is most refreshing in design and concept:

Here is just but one of over a dozen designs which can be viewed here.

Judith Tinkl, former head of the textiles section of the Ontario College of Art Design, shows a great creative spirit in her textile and quilt designs. The following quilt shows the great sense of design and color transparency and accumulation in Judith’s works.

Look for great inventiveness in the designs and layouts of Tinkl’s textile works.

In sum be prepared for some color and design delights in cloth and fabric at the Wondrous Textile exhibition – well named, indeed.