Perfect Pies from Warkworth

Late Fall every year, a friend and I carve a little time out for the Warkworth Perfect Pie Competition. Our common denominator is a sweet tooth for pies; and particularly soft, crumbly encrusted fruit pies. Cherry for me, Maple Pecan for She [I keep asking where is the fruit in Maple Pecan – and she keeps saying a nut is the essence of a fruit].   Basically we are biding our time for the following notice:

And our target individual favorite pies   are here and many times. Over 150 pies are on tap and the bakers again have gone all out putting the butter and cream on so many fleur-de-lys and fine finishing touches to easily elicit from hungry   eyes and palettes not just a few “can’t   wait” savory smackings.

But we are not the only pie-gnashers here for a fruity feast, the Warkworth Town Hall is overflowing with pie lovers as well as bakers. And one can overhear a few choice morsels as competitors do a little comparative note-taking. Or was that just a bitty bit of lardly gossip? or maybe it ihsould be “awshucks pass the sparkles” because that was such a huge dollop of high rising cream puffery and praise.

And here is a Pie-tasters Sampler of what was on offer at the tables –

There were caramel and chocolate pies in many forms, meringues, nut mints, cream pies with dashes of fruits and nuts, and berry pies covered with luscious crusts, custards, and curlicues. But as always the pride of the show were the Apple Pies – cinnamon and spice, full or lattice crusted, cream or nut covered, vanilla or maple syruped, and of course the pie concoction extraordinaire, Bumble Berry pie with Apples, Rhubarb, Blackberry, and Raspberry.

Of course, more than the judges get to sample the pies. For $3 pie samplers get two slices of their pie fancies.   Gracious serving staff are ready to suggest a savory meat pie and a coconut cream pie combo that is   absolutely divine:

The Perfect Pie contest is as good as its pies and pie servers.

Finally the room settles down to munching and applause as the best pie in each category is announced.

So then we are down to the Perfect Pie – the Best of the Best. And iti s a surprise, a Maple Syrup pie wins Perfection Confection – a big round of ohhs and ahhs accompany the choice. The competition concludes with an auction for charity each of the best pies, and then the Perfect Pie. But real pie lovers know the real action is to come. As the leftover pies sell for $3 to $5 depending on how many slices are left. It is bargain hunting time for Cherry, Berry and Apple pie lovers . Now to find the ice cream and cheese.

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