THE Santa Parade

[nggallery id="10"]Well THE Santa parade was on despite the overcast day – and the place to be once again was at Christie Pits where the parade gets organized and started. There is a fun, carnival like atmosphere as the bands toot and warm up, the floats are readied, and the clowns and marchers make last minute costume changes.[nggallery id="11"]Many of the  bands were already on site at 10:00AM even though would not start until 12:30 to 1:00PM. The Attica band from New York was serenading early goers with their melody of Christmas tunes. The band is 200 strong from a school that has 600 students. And the UofT Engineering School has their yellow hatted free spirits in full swing. While Kelley’s troupe was playing some real swinging melodies and definitely knew how to have a good time. And the UWO band held an impromptu rehersal near the baseball diamond just like the Malvern Collegiate drum corps. The Pits were jiving with the Big band sounds.More images and story to come as soon as I can get FTP working properly…. Still having problems as of 5:00PM Mondays so I have posted some images [the Facebook image loader is functioning only slightly better than my Web FTP loader]

Try here for for 20 more images and commentary .

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