Nuit Blanche Skyline

The Skyline is Shaking and Burning

Familiar Twisted Strange
Reaching to the Heart
Buildings under the Sway of the Night
Slipping along Financial DefaultLines
Condo Cataclysm
Raging Into the Night
Not yet the Heart of Darkness
Radiating Golden Kryptonite Kontrol
Shaking into View
Colossus at the Brink
Merger as Acquisition
Glows and Tremors
Flames in Rage
We have already seen what the Nighttime Nuit Blanche scene does for the HarbourFront. So look what happens to the Toronto Skyline when Nuit Blanche takes hold. The Scrapers and Skyline clash – it all stutters and jives, swaying in great lightning shifts. The Buildings glow with haunted lights. And then it all explodes with apocalyptic color and ferocity. Talk about hell-bent Halloweed fury ahead of its time – Its the Nuit Blanche Skyline in Conceptual Spasms.

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