Ganny Fanny 2011: Action at the Dam

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Just past the 401 Overpass is the portage landing point.

Near the 401 overpass, The Ganaraska spills over a ledge which has a spillway dam and fish ladder. This obstruction forces Ganny Floaters to haul their craft out of the water [dangerous task for some of the fragile “crazy craft”] and carry their craft 100-150 yards downstream and then re-enter the river; hopefully with their boat/float still intact. Here is the cause of all this commotion:
Pics of Canada photo
The Ganny Dam and Fish Ladder – Portage Point

So Gannycrafters have to make a portage at the dam. But as you can see from the pictures below, there is a certain finesse required to make the landing at the Old Mill head. First, the landing point is reed infested, trampled and downright muddy. So the approach is a big bound leap ashore  or just slopping onto the landing. Then comes the fun part – hauling  and dragging your craft onto the landing and caring it downstream about 150 yards below the  Old Mill to relaunch your craft on the other side of the dam.

It is fascinating to watch the procedure for doing the portage. Some people make the leap ashore while other like the Brittain Pops adopt the wade-ashore technique. Then everybody helps to carry enmasse their craft to the  relaunch point 150 yards around the bend and down stream. This can be a chore even for kayakers as seen in the images above. Finally, Ganny crafters have to get back in and relaunch themselves down the river. This is easier typed and said then done. There was a crowd of spectators watching this  “fun”. Ye Editor suspects they might have come for more than the Old Mill on the Ganny.

The Old Port Hope Mill

There is an old mill at this point in the river just beside the Cobett Dam. This mill  provides some intriguing and historical views of Port Hope’s early past.

The city and historical society has done much to restore the area . It is also the perfect spot to see the Fall colors and plus the annual Fall migration of salmon up the Ganaraska as they clear the nearby Corbett dam using the fishladder.

After this the Ganaraska becomes more adventurous. First the river forks into two branches and if you chose the wrong branch …. uhhohhh! Oh and the rapids become just a bit more challenging for all of the craft, but particularly the DIY Crazy Craft. See all the fun of MidWay Branches

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