Watching The Olympics

Watching the Olympics, and they are very exciting easily putting Political Soap and Fako Reality TV deservedly on the backburner, is getting to be  addictive and a chore. Some of the best skiing and sledding events are on in the early afternoon while the evenings push watchers in Eastern North America into the midnight hour. But the lure is there so it is easy to choose this:

Over this:
But the chore is to find places during the days task when one can get a view of the games without seeming ridiculous or having to shell out a fortune at a sports bar where they quickly switch out of the Canadians speed skating star striving to win her heat over to  a bowling tournament from last year??? It is equally embarrassing having to go to BestBuys TV and electronics department for the umpteenth time  “looking for a large screen TV ” when clearly the only thing I am shopping for is a view of the Mens SuperG run featuring  the Canadian Ski Cowboys.

However, if  you are living in the Port Hope to Cobourg area let me recommend an Olympic viewing respite that is an oasis in the desert of  “how to get a discrete peek at the Vancouver Olympics.” The Port Hope Public Library is offering:

the Vancouver Olympic Games with excellent TV and audio, a little  spare accommodations, but fountain and bathroom for no charge. In fact for some events like the Women’s Downhill, there is a good crowd and lots of discussion on who can do what. Speaking of which here are the best “discrete” drop by times for key events coinciding when the Library is open:
Fri Feb 19th at 2:30PM  – Mens Super G with Crazy Canuck Ski Cowboys
Fri Feb 19th at 4:00PM – Womens 30K Pursuit with Turin medal winner Sara Renner
Sat Feb 20th at 1:00PM – Womens Super G Britt Janyk and Emily Brydon on home course
Sat Feb 20th at 3:30PM – Large Hill Ski Jumping, watch men jump through the air with the greatest of ease
Mon Feb 22 at 12:00PM – Mens Curling Canada vs US
Mon Feb 22 at  1:00PM  – Team Ski Jumping
Tues Feb 23 at 12:00PM – Womens Curling showdown match Canada vs Britain
Tues Feb 23 at  12:30PM – Mens Giant Slalom
Tues Feb 23 at 1:30PM – Ladies Ski Cross freestyle
Wed Feb 24  at 1:00PM – Womens Giant Slalom with Emily Brydon and Britt Janyk
Wed Feb 24 at  4:00PM – Womens 5000m Speed Skating  with Clara Hughes and Kristin Groves
Thu Feb 25 at 12:00PM – Curling Womens Semifinal
Thu Feb 25 at 1:00PM – Nordic Combined SkiJump then Cross Country race
Thu Feb 25 at 5:00PM – Curling Mens Semifinal
Fri Feb 26 at 1:00 – Womens Slalom heats
Fri Feb 26 at  4:00 – Mens 4-man Bobsleigh
Fri Feb 26 at 6:00 – Womens Curling Gold Medal Game
Sat Feb 27 at 1:00 – Mens Slalom Skiing first run
Sat Feb 27 at 2:00 – Mens Snowboard Parallel Giant slalom
Sat Feb 27 at  3:00 – Mens Speed Skating Pursuit
There is lots of medal action for Canadians in all of these events with the exception of the ski-jumping. So sneak on by – grab a view of your favorite Olympic event – and then check out the books, movies, games, audio CDs and audio books that the library has available on loan [Port Hope Residence required for free borrowing , otherwise pay a nominal annual fee]. Stay and use the free Wifi service on your laptop. Read the magazines and newspapers in a comfy chair or at a worktable. It really is a great library.