Hubbel Back Up

On Friday I got back into Cobourg town just in time for the 50th anniversary celebrations at
Dr. Morgan Hubbel’s chiropractic clinic.
As one can see it was a lively affair with a little Olympic torch
The good doctor taking a picture of his granddaughter, Ainsley

to add to the festivities. Fortunately, I had my PixofCanada camera with me and was able to catch some of the goings on. And the whole office was decorated with some nifty posters from early years work.

My personal favorite – Dr. Hubbel huffing and puffing indignantly

Some examples of well appreciated back-in-place love

But the real mark of a good practice is the ability to attract a good and dedicated staff.



Of course I did not miss out on the goodies – some delicious cupcakes and a quick bit of advice. Always helpful, Dr Hubbel urged me to stay the course on a hip that was fluctuating between dull and droning pain. I was a bit skeptical but heeded his advice. And a day later the pain was gone and I was back up and so pleased to be functioning whole once again.