Found at WWMSF: Windebank’s House and Garden Arts

When you come up to the Warkworth Golf Course on Route 29 just east of town there is a big barn that features all sorts of paintings, sculptures and Garden arts for sale – its Windebank’s on Route 29. Well this year I did not have to wait until Summertime to find out what is to be on sale this year. There is always some fabulous outdoor art at Windebank’s Garden Art barn[I suspect the name could easily be changed to Windebank’s House & Garden Art for the robust artworks could easily add cheer to an extended porch or breakfast room].

The horse pictures are typical – very bold in form and sketched with line +strokes equally brash in style:

The colors are bright and say open greetings to you and guests.

Yes the steeds suggest a proud, regal bearing; but that is a horse’s defining trait. The painting use mineral based paints so they will last the scourges of sunlight supercharged with Global Warming rays.

The following is a bouquet of flowers that one could have in the kitchen or bathroom to add color and cheer to each day – like a smile or a kind word or two:

However, I must admit I have a place in my heart for roosters and chickens – maybe because eggs at breakfast animate my days. Also, Mom had chickens at home and they were always animated and never dull. But you had to protect them against the foxes and weasels and other varmints. Mom tells some amusing stories about raising chickens on her dad’s farm and her sitting on the eggs to try to hatch them. Maybe that is what these chickens are fleeing from:

My earliest memories of home are the imperious roosters and their morning calls – and Windebank’s has not failed to provide Roosters in grandiloquent form:

I was pleased to see at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival’s Craft Show what Windebank’s is going to have for sale this Summer. So the next time you plan a golfing trip to Warkworth, be sure to stop by at Windebank’s for your House and Garden Art as well.

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