Found at WWMSF: Kawartha Fruit Winery

At the Legion Hall during the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival, I came across a really tasty find, the Kawartha Fruit Winery plus Jelly, Jams and Preserves Place [I have added the latter phrasing]. Now my friends in Toronto who are truly gourmands and fine wine samplers would enjoy the Winery half of the above craftings. I think Bruce and Janet, Warren and Eva would truly be lip smacking at the prospect of tasting some of the fruit wines.

And why not? The wine list has the attraction of tastes familiar and sweet brought to a vintner’s zest. Here is a sampler of what is available from Kawartha Wines:

Apricot – very rich full flavor, silky feel with smooth long finish, one of our best and most popular.
Blueberry – soft full flavor, rich finish, surprising taste.
Cherry – light, refreshing flavour, crisp clean finish, excellent with all meat or on its own.
Cranberry – if you like cranberries you will love this wine – crisp, clean, slightly tart, very long finish.
Nectarine – luscious, smooth, flavourful – very popular – one of our best.
Peach – intense peach flavour, full rich body, long peach finish – very popular
Pear (Bosc) – one of our best- beautiful gold color, medium body with pear flavour and long finish.
Plum (Golden) – beautiful golden colour, light, crisp taste, great on its own or with food.
Plum (Shiro) – light, very crisp with a hint of tartness – very popular, great on its own or with food
Raspberry (red, purple, golden) – perennial favourites, very intense raspberry nose blows you away, nothing else like it, very full, rich and luscious, unbelievable finish, often sells out.
Rhubarb – light bodied fruity wine, surprising flavour, very popular
Strawberry – another perennial favourite, very complex aroma and flavour, very long finish, absolutely delicious.
Vidal Ice Wine – intense flavour, rich bouquet of apricot and peaches, well balanced with good acidity, very long finish, served chilled on its own after dinner.
Maple Syrup Wine – a unique presentation of Kawartha Country Wines, rich maple syrup nose and flavour, well balanced, luscious and full bodied, truly exciting and very special – a truly unique Canadian product.

However, this party being a teetotaler and a sweet tooth would like to reverse the focus and describe some of the Jams, Jellies and Preserves available. The varieties were intriguing – Spice Apple Jelly, Peach Wine Jam, a number of Plum Preserves with and without Wine. And that was just for starters. Amazing combinations of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, rhubarb, cranberry, plum, mango, nectarine, maple syrup, and other delicious sweeties. The choices simply intrigued the mind’s taste buds. I finally got the following:
Blackberry with wine Preserves – surprisingly light and tasty, great with crackers and cheese
Cherry calvados jelly- a touch of tart yet cherry smooth, a delightful pick
Strawberry with wine – the wine extends the flavor. I can tell you great with waffles and ice cream
Mango and rhubarb jam – the two fruits   blend well together suggesting a sweet marmalade
Peach apricot jam – tingling tart yet smooth and satisfying, great on chicken or fish
I had to trade up to get the latter two jams, but that is another story. So now I am looking forward to Spring and Summer for an opportunity to take some trips up to the Kawartha Winery for   its fine fruit wines but also for jellies and jams and other sweets preserve me.

2 thoughts on “Found at WWMSF: Kawartha Fruit Winery”

  1. Trish Dougherty

    Hi Loved finding your page. Thanks so much for the great review of my wine preserves and fruit vinegars. I had fun doing the Maple Fest in Warkworth. What a lovely little town. I will be back next year for sure. The show organizers said I could do wine sampling as I was in the Legion and the are already a licensed venue.
    Would it be alright to post this as an review on my facebook page?
    See you this summer. I have been working hard in the kitchen. I will have some new varieties of preserves when you come. See you at the winery. We are open every day, 10 am to 6 pm.
    Trish Dougherty
    Kawartha Country Wines

  2. Trish – I am glad that you enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed the jams and preserves. Surely, Facebook away and looking for ward to a Kawartha trip in June-July. -Jack

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